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Why SuperEasy Password Manager Free:

Strong passwords are essential against identity theft and keyloggers that try to steal your personal data. Whether Facebook, Amazon, online banking, shopping, email, or ordering food online, every website wants you to create an account with a username and password before you buy or sign-up for a service. Most people have struggled to remember all passwords from time to time. SuperEasy Password Manager remembers your usernames and passwords so you don't have to. Just choose one master password and SuperEasy Password Manager automatically logs you in to your favorite websites.

What the Password Manager Free does:

SuperEasy Password Manager securely stores all your passwords and fills in all relevant information when you access websites or accounts. On top, SuperEasy Password Manager saves time and makes your life easier as it can also automatically fill web forms when you create new accounts for online shopping websites or other online services with just one click. Never forget passwords again!

This free version lets you manage up to fifteen account passwords and one identity card. SuperEasy Password Manager Pro lets you manage any number of account passwords and identity cards.

Password Manager Free


Functions at a glance

    SuperEasy Password Manager Free is an invaluable everyday help that can do a lot:

    • Unifies all of your passwords under a single master password
    • Fills in web and registry forms for you automatically
    • Imports all existing passwords and stores them under a single master password
    • Protects you against keylogging attempts
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Instant results

    Stop jeopardizing your security and protect against data theft and abuse with SuperEasy Password Manager Free.

10 reasons for SuperEasy

  • Repeatedly awarded software
  • 1-click technology
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