Why it´s important to clean your Registry regularly:

The Registry is a critical part your Windows PC. Every time you use your PC, it can get cluttered more and more. Installing and removing software or even moving and accessing file and data on the PC creates more and more registry entries, thereby increasing its size and deteriorating the systems performance.

Why do I need SuperEasy Registry Cleaner?

SuperEasy Registry Cleaner detects and fixes invalid registry entries automatically with just a few clicks, and increases application response times drastically. A full backup of registry entries is automatically taken before fixing registry errors so changes can be reversed, if required.

Registry Cleaner


Functions at a glance

  • Can fix invalid registry errors
  • Can improve system response time
  • Can prevent system crashes and BSODs
  • Can find hidden errors
  • Can drastically improve overall PC performance
  • Can solve random Blue screens (BSODs)
  • Can stop PC crashes and freezes
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Instant results

  • Enhanced system speed
  • Smooth operating system performance
  • A more stable PC
  • Less error messages and crashes

10 reasons for SuperEasy

  • Repeatedly awarded software
  • 1-click technology
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