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Which distance do you cover every day?

Some people won’t believe their eyes when learning how much the PC mouse is used for daily PC work. The free tool SuperEasy Mouse Tracker informs you in real time about the distance your mouse covers every day.

Why SuperEasy Mouse Tracker?

SuperEasy Mouse Tracker reveals statistics fans the daily distance they cover with mouse movement. Compare your distance to that of your friends and find out who wins.

Mouse Tracker


Functions at a glance

  • Real-time measurement of utilization
  • Top speed display
  • Monitor selection
  • Design selection
  • Measure selection
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Instant results

  • Up-to-date cursor distance
  • Current cursor speed
  • Distance per day
  • Distance per month
  • Distance per year
  • Top statistics

10 reasons for SuperEasy

  • Repeatedly awarded software
  • 1-click technology
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